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  Forrest Gump

  Forrest Gump is not real life person,he is a fictional character.He grows up in Greenbow Alabana.He is different. Why

  Not because he is quite smart or he has some special skill.Just because his IQ is only 75.

  But his mother strives to make him feel no differents from others. She always said to him,

  "You're no different than anybody else is."

  So,although his IQ is just 75,he achieves a lot more than normal people may dream of.

  There is a classic lines in the movie:

  "Life is like a box of chocolate,you never know what you’re going to get. "

  So no matter what we will face,just do not give up our hope.

  Through Gump I want to tell you,"Just do yourself!"He’s a hero in my heart.

  He’s the most beautiful person.That’s all,Thank you !!


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  How did the Film Forrest Gump Influence Me

  My favorite movie is Forrest Gump, which I have seen for many times. The film is adapted from Winston Groom’s novel. Each time I saw it, I was deeply moved and inspired by the male leading role―Forrest Gump.

  The plots designed in the movie are very extraordinary. It tells the story by Forrest Gump himself. He sits on the chair by the road and tells his life experiences to the strangers who are waiting for the bus. Many important events and people of American from the 1950s to the 1970s are shown fluently in his description of his life experience. Moreover, the value and the spirits of Americans, especially the youngers’, are also revealed. Besides, the character portrayed in the film is inspiring. Forrest Gump is unfortunately to be born with a low IQ and muscle problems. However, he becomes very successful through his struggling. His pure, honesty, integrity, bravery, perseverance, loyalty in love and promise not only touch me greatly, but also set a good example for me. In addition, the movie is full of philosophy. Many lines in this movie are classical. For example, life is a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get. The sentence that death is just a part of life, something we’re all destined to do is also of wisdom. They make us think of life profoundly.

  On the whole, this movie is special, inspiring, educational, philosophic and moving. I love it every much. It is worthy of our appreciation for many times. Everyone who have seen the film may have some perceptions. The movie expresses a truth for us that people should learn to make progress and keep running forward.


  Forrest Gump

  1. Next,I will talk something about Forrest Gump.Forrest Gump is not real life person,he is a fictional character.

  2. Forrest Gump grows up in Greenbow Alabana.

  3. He is different.


  Not because he is quite smart or he has some special skill.Just because his IQ is only 75.

  But his mother strives to make him feel no differents from others.

  4. She always said to Forrest Gump,

  "You`re no different than anybody else is.""You`re the some as everybody else."

  5. So,although his IQ is just 75,he achieves a lot more than normal people may dream of.

  6. He becomes a college student and is recruited in the college football team,because he can run very fast.

  7. After five years of playing football,he got a college degree.

  8. And after college,Gump joins the army.

  9. In the army,he meets a black young man called Bubba who does not look down him and they become best friends.Bubba is always saying the things about shrimp.

  10. On the battlefield in Vietnam,Forrest saves the lives of many fellow soldiers,but he loses his friend Bubba.

  11. During recovering in the hospital,some one teaches Gump to play Ping-Pong.

  12. It happens that Forrest has an talent for Ping-Pong so he is placed in the All-American Ping-Pong Team to visit China together with offical delegation headed by president Nixon.

  13. So when Forrest get home,he become a national celebrity and obtain the congressional Medal of Honor.

  14. Then he gets $25,000 from doing advertisement for a Ping-Pong paddle company,with that money Forrest begins his life as a shrimp boat captain in honour of Bubba whose dream was to buy of his own and to do business.

  And Forrestq`s boat which later a severe hurricane and that makes Forrest a millionaire.

  15. So,how about Forrest `s love life

  Next I will tell something about that,the love---Gump and Jenny.

  16. Jenny is a mother less girl and whose father is a alcoholic.Forrest and Jenny attend the same school and they are like peas and carrots all the away up to high school.

  17. "I`m not a smart man,but I know what love is",Forrest said.Maybe at the first ,the love realized by Forrest includes many things,not only heart,he says "love" to Jenny,or maybe he also say to his mother and Bubba.

  But the death of his mother and many times Jenny`s disappearance let Forrest know what love is .

  Finally,Forrest and Jenny get married.

  18. After Jenny died,Forrest still said "If there is anything you need,I will not be far away" to Jenny .In fact,no matter whether Jenny loves Forrest ,Forrest gets love.

  19. Classic lines

  A. "Life is like a box of chocolate,you never know what you’re going to get. "

  So no matter what we will face,just do not give up our hope,because life is like a box of chocolate,you never know what you're going to get.

  B."Stupid is as stupid does."

  Whenever anyone who asks Forrest ,"Are you stupid or something",Forrest always answers "stupid is as stupid does".

  C. "Miracles happen every day."

  When the first time Forrest freed himself from the bondage,hope had been growing up in his mind,he believes it deeply that miracles happen every day.

  D. "A promise is a promise."

  Gump is always a man of his word,so when he got money,he went on down to Bayou La Batre,to meet Bubba's family and bought a new shrimp boat,became a captain.To do those,all because he had make a promise to Bubba.

  E. "Death is just a part of life, something we're all destined to do. "

  So death is nothing to be afraid of.

  F."You have got to put the past behinde you before you can move on."

  Yesterday has become the past ,just keep on.

  20. Gump was shaped into the embodiment of virtue in the film.Although Gump's IQ is a litter lower than normal levels,he was honest,trustworthy,bold and serious and places a very high value on feelings.He only knows how to pay without asking for anything,and never mind others refuse him.He was just open-minded,magnanimous in the face of life,He focuses all of his wisdom,faith and courage on the point,run and run,just do his mother told him to "You have to do the best with what |God gave you."

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